It’s like walking down the streets
People will always look but walk by
Too hard to deal with the emotion
Too scared to be involved

So she’s unwilling forced
to hide her pain
In this empty world
with no desire to feel



Walking in the streets
There is no-one else to be seen
That comes close to her beauty
The way the wind blows in her hair
The sparks in her eyes
Like the sun is kissing her directly

If you have ever met her
You would remember her
That distinctive look she gives you
With those steel blue eyes
And that peculiar smile
That hides a million words

Once you’ve seen her
You would remember her forever
and sweet


She, it is the most powerful word
that a woman has
The world revolves around her

She gives me strength
in my most vulnerable times
I still know she is there
Buried deep inside of me

The strength that all women have
The will to survive
To conquer all

To capture all there is in life

Play it safe
but play it strong

She is always there
Sometimes she is hiding
but the truth will come out

She, that fire inside of you
Can’t live without her

Her pain / she’s back

Her words
They hit me
Like a baseball bat
On the head

The pain takes over
Controls her body
I see her pain
I feel her pain
I see her losing control

Her skin
All bruised up
Her hands
Keep on hitting
Her eyes
Full of tears
Her voice
Cracked up

Her smile
It’s appearing
Her lips
Release the air
Her heart
Speaks again

She’s back